Municipal Finance and Public Budgets - ACRE Institute

Reports by our partner organizations about municipal finance and public budgets:

  • No Small Fees
    L.A. Spends More on Wall Street Than Our Streets

    Fix L.A. Coalition | Released March 2014, Updated July 2015
  • The Detroit Bankruptcy
    Th causes of Detroit’s bankruptcy and what the city’s emergency manager can do to turn it around
    Wallace Turbeville | Demos | November 2013
  • The Looting of Oakland
    How Wall Street’s Predatory Practices Are Costing Oakland Communities Millions and What We Can Do About It

    ReFund and ReBuild Oakland Coalition | June 2013
  • Swapping Our Future
    How Students and Taxpayers Are Funding Risky UC Borrowing and Wall Street Profits
    Charlie Eaton, Jacob Habinek, Mukul Kumar, Tamera Lee Stover, and Alex Roehekasse| University of California | 2013
  • Interest Rate Swaps
    How Citibank and UBS Are Costing Palm Beach Schools Millions

    Florida Public Services Union | May 2012
  • I.O.U.
    How Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank Have Shortchanged Minnesota Schools

    Minnesotans for a Fair Economy | May 2012
  • Too Big To Trust
    Banks, Schools, and the Ongoing Problem of Interest Rate Swaps
    Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center | January 2012
  • Money For Nothing
    How interest rate swaps have become golden handcuffs for New Yorkers
    United New York, Center For Working Families, and Strong Economy For All Coalition | December 2011