For Immediate Release: January 06, 2021

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Racial Justice Group Responds to Armed Fascists in Capitol 

“The GOP enabling of a fascist in the White House and white supremacist violence has put the foundations of U.S. governance at risk.”

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Nationwide In response to news that Trump supporting rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol and disrupted the certification of the Electoral College votes, Action Center on Race and the Economy (ACRE) released the following statement: 

“The violent and intentional undermining of the 2020 Election, led by Donald Trump and echoed by GOP elected officials  is directly responsible for the  armed fascist disruption of the election process today. This is the result of years of escalating vitriol and racist rhetoric and policy under the Trump Administration. The GOP empowered a fascist in the White House and his white supremacist base. Today’s violence is in stark contrast to the changing demographics and grassroots organizing that delivered an incredible victory in Georgia,” said Vasudha Desikan, Political Director of Action Center on Race and the Economy. “The Republican leaders that have supported this chaos must be held to account and face consequences for their actions.”

“We support Congresswoman Cori Bush’sresolution calling for the expulsion of those members of Congress who disputed the election results. Rep. Bush’s victory is an example of the power building by Black, Brown and Indigenous people that are working tirelessly in the ongoing fight to make America a real democracy. Organizers have worked under extraordinary circumstances to have every vote count in this election. We cannot tolerate the violent undermining of the democratic process, and continued racist voter suppression and intimidation. “