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  • #PRBrokenPromises
  • #PromesasRotas
  • #SeAcabaronLasPromesas

Handles to Follow

  • @ReFundAmericaRI
  • @ACREcampaigns
  • @NYChange
  • @GrassrootsChi
  • @CTULocal1
  • @GoHedgeClippers

Sample tweets:

  • @ReFundAmericaRI @ACREcampaigns have concluded investigation of Wall St hand in PR’s debt crisis #PRBrokenPromises https://acreinstitute.org/puertorico

  • “The debt is not payable… This is not politics, this is math.” #PRBrokenPromises https://acreinstitute.org/puertorico

  • #PRBrokenPromises Residents leaving island while their gov’t offers tax incentives for billionaires to move in: https://acreinstitute.org/puertorico
  • #PRBrokenPromises Concluding our research and understanding of Puerto Rico’s debt crisis: https://acreinstitute.org/puertorico
  • #PRBrokenPromises Puerto Rico is in debt and vulture hedge funds are taking advantage: https://acreinstitute.org/puertorico

  • #PRBrokenPromises Wall St. is draining Puerto Rico of its resources w/no intentions of stopping: https://acreinstitute.org/puertorico

  • .@GovRauner wants 2 use PR model 2 take over @ChiPubSchools & enrich Wall St #PRbrokenpromises https://acreinstitute.org/puertorico

Sample Facebook posts:

  • “The banks that underwrote Puerto Rico’s bonds did not merely enable its borrowing spree; in many cases they targeted the Commonwealth with unsustainable levels of debt that they knew it would not be able to pay back, in order to pad their profits.” https://acreinstitute.org/puertorico #PRBrokenPromises
  • @ReFundAmericaRI and @ACREcampaigns have wrapped up a yearlong research investigation into Puerto Rico’s debt crisis. https://acreinstitute.org/puertorico #PRBrokenPromises