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Welcome to the Dream Beyond Prime “Store”

Dream Beyond Prime is our own store where you can invest in what you believe Amazon SHOULD do. We can envision a world that works for us, not Jeff Bezos! And you can invest in that vision now! 

Click on one of the items below and give the amount attached to that demand. We will reveal new icons (designed by artist Kiara Gilbert) every week!

Right to Unionize – $100
End Worker Surveillance – $10
Higher Pay – $50
Ample Paid Sick Leave – $15
Environmental Responsibility – $25
Safe Working Conditions – $75

Here’s what your contribution will allow us to do– ACRE will continue to publish hard-hitting reporting on Amazon (like Delivering Hate) and will continue to support the work of our fellow Athena organizations. For those who don’t know, Athena is a broad coalition of local and national organizations representing working people, small business people, people of color, immigrants, and neighbors, along with activists, advocates, policy experts, and academics.

We are a proud partner and together we fight to create an economy where everyone can thrive, defend our climate, safeguard our communities from surveillance, and expand our democracy.

***30% of proceeds will go to our Athena partners***

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Amazon Quick Facts

  1. Amazon workers are injured at double the U.S. average. Amazon workers have striked all over the world because of unsafe working conditions and been met with denied pay and/or firings. 
  1. Amazon has been accused of union-busting all over the country, preventing workers from protecting themselves and their jobs when they demand better & defrauding union votes in the monopoly’s favor. 
  1. The Amazon worker automated surveillance system tells workers where to walk, monitors each workers’ individual productivity and whether or not they are meeting the system’s productivity pace. If they pause, they are warned and subject to discipline or even firing.
  1. Amazon left millions of garment workers underpaid or unpaid in the middle of a pandemic after earning poverty wages for decades. But Amazon made $21.3 billion the same year. 
  1. Amazon facilities released 51 million metric tons of CO2 in 2019, as much as some countries. 80% of its warehouses are in majority BIPOC neighborhoods, exposing them to more pollution.
  1. Amazon does not pay its fair share – if anything – in taxes, and it most certainly doesn’t invest what it doesn’t pay in taxes in communities or its workers. For context, it would take ONE year of fairly taxing tech giants like Amazon to pay for the full COVID-19 vaccination of every human on earth. 

Thanks for your support! Share this store with your friends and family and keep checking back for the next revealed artwork!